Liverpool City Region Creates Country’s Most Innovative LEP Leading the Fastest Growing Economy

Posted 16th March 2012
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The Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has been formally established at meetings yesterday and today. (Thursday 15th March / Friday 16th March 2012)

The LEP will drive forward the step change in economic performance, greatly accelerated economic growth, increased value and job creation, across Liverpool City Region.

Robert Hough has been officially appointed Chair of the Board, heading a team of Business Leaders and the Leaders of the six local authorities.

The LEP will give strategic leadership and enable existing organisations and bespoke teams to deliver much needed acceleration of economic growth, and are aware that the City Region has far too few businesses, not enough business activity and not enough jobs.

Robert Hough said: “To deliver what is needed to meet these challenges, and the high expectations of our communities, businesses and Government, the LEP has taken over the resources of The Mersey Partnership (TMP), including its Membership, income and staff; and the private sector led teams that are already delivering rapid growth in the key sectors and are on the way to creating 100,000 new jobs within the decade.”

Retiring TMP Chair, Rod Holmes, advised a Special General Meeting of TMP’s Members today that the incorporation of the LEP builds on TMP’s structure and resources as well as 20 years experience as the biggest, and still growing, membership organisation promoting economic development across the entire Liverpool City Region. Its Members and Staff will now be at the centre of our economy, giving leadership to potentially the fastest-growing economy in the UK.

TMP Members approved the transition including the change of name to “Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership” and approved Robert Hough and his LEP Board who have now taken over from Rod Holmes and his Board
Robert Hough told Members: “Following this week’s historic meetings the LEP will gain immediate benefits from the capacity and experience of the Executive it is absorbing. This will enable Liverpool City Region LEP to make rapid progress in leading economic growth throughout the City Region and to build on the substantial progress already made.”

He added: “By voting for transition, Members have made a clear statement of intent and commitment to future economic growth across the City Region.”

The core activities of the LCRLEP will include:

Strategic Economic Development – developing the City Region’s Economic Strategy and undertaking strategic research and monitoring performance. It will also contribute to the development of spatial planning, housing, transport, infrastructure, education and training policies. The LCRLEP will be the main economic development interface with Government;
Business Growth – assisting existing businesses to grow and increase productivity, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and advising and assisting businesses regarding available funds and additional indigenous investment;
Key Growth Sectors – supporting the development of the key growth sectors: the Knowledge Economy, SuperPort, Low Carbon and Visitor Economy; and
Marketing – developing the City Region brand, collective marketing of the City Region’s existing businesses and investment opportunities, and attracting new businesses and investment.
Robert Hough said: “The LCRLEP will be the primary economic development body for the City Region and will work with partner organisations to stimulate the development of the economy. There are high expectations for the LEPs and in particular for the Liverpool City Region LEP. Greatly accelerated economic growth and significant job creation are expected across the City Region.”

Hough added: “The membership from the private and public sectors is strong and has been growing in challenging economic conditions. Members value the work undertaken on their behalf. In future, members will continue to receive the same high quality service, and will also benefit from the status that the LEPs have been accorded by Government in terms of their broad economic development role and remit. They will be able to provide the LEP with opinions and advice in order to inform its activities.

“By establishing the LEP in this way, we are building on solid foundations. Today’s vote, and transition means the new LEP can rise rapidly to the challenge of ensuring that the City Region is a dynamic powerhouse for economic growth and job creation.”