Destination Management Plan

The Visitor Economy has enjoyed sustained growth in recent years and is now worth £4.094 billion to the local economy supporting 50,994 jobs.

The City Region has set out a shared, ambitious vision for Liverpool City Region’s Visitor Economy through its ten year Visitor Economy Strategy.

This strategy sets out 7 key priorities for growth that will increase the competitiveness of the City Region and maximise the wealth (or GVA) that the tourism sector can create. It sets short (to 2020) and long term (to 2025) targets for growth and provides a clear rationale for investment in the Visitor Economy that will be used to influence investment decisions made by the private and public sector.

Targets for Liverpool City Region 2025 are:

Annual visitor impact of £4.9 billion (up from £3.6 billion in 2013)

  • 23% growth in the number of ‘bed nights’ spent annually in Liverpool City Region from 12.4million in 2013 to 15.2million
  • 10% improvement in Liverpool City Region room occupancy (up from 71% to 78%) and average or better room yield than UK city competitors
  • To maintain top 5 UK ranking for international visitors
  • 49% more tourism supported jobs from 49,000 in 2013 to 72,000 in 2025
  • Attainment of a top 75 place in the ICCA rankings for international conference business (up from 159th in 2013) and a top 4 place in the UK (7th in 2013)

The strategy will be delivered in conjunction with the Visitor Economy Board and focuses on the development of opportunities associated with  increasing our share of international business tourism markets, staycations and international leisure visitors.  It also focuses on developing the infrastructure of the City Region’s visitor economy sector through increased investment in skills, digital and transport connectivity.