Liverpool City Region Port Access Steering Group

The Liverpool City Region (LCR) Port Access Steering Group (PASG) has been established to support the City Region Cabinet and Local Enterprise Partnership and the delivery of the LCR City Region Deal commitment to address transport access to the Port of Liverpool in support of the wider Superport proposals.

Terms of Reference for the group and a set of Key messages relating to the activities of the group have been agreed.

A work programme has been developed, identifying potential interventions, timescales and responsibilities.  Potential interventions are being considered under four topic based headings, Rail based interventions, Port based interventions, Road based interventions and Community based interventions. Work is ongoing to develop the specific details and possible costs of the interventions and to deliver some of the short-term interventions.

For further information please contact – Stephen Birch, Team Manager, Strategic Transport Planning and Investment, Sefton Council on 0151 934 4225/