Local Energy

The Local Enterprise Partnership supports the widescale adoption of sustainable energy technologies across the Liverpool City Region.

The Low Carbon Team at the LEP is working with partner organisations from the private, public and third sectors to enable investment in projects.

The breadth of the opportunity for local interventions and collaborations to support decarbonisation of the region, and create a local competitive and resilient energy system has been mapped in our recent report LEPs and Local Energy.

In 2013, the first edition of the Liverpool City Region Sustainable Energy Action Plan provided a baseline survey of sustainable energy activities and opportunities. It identified a number of priority projects which warranted direct support make them happen. Resources are being deployed by regional partners on an ongoing basis to promote these schemes.

LEP Regional partner energy, environment and low carbon policies and guidance

In 2016, working with Liverpool Council, the LEP has updated the city region’s carbon baseline, and has identified 25 catalyst projects which could have a significant impact on regional carbon emissions.

Recent events and workshops

In 2015, the LEP supported Liverpool City Council in a project to create a forward looking utilities infrastructure planning tool for the Liverpool City Region. Working on the UMP project in conjunction with the SEAP project has involved the City Region in national conversation about the future of the energy system. In order to set the scope for work on regulatory barriers, Liverpool City Council commissioned a report on the potential role that Local Authorities might play in revolution of the power grid. Electricity Networks and Local Authorities. The UMP project created an online software portal for identifying planning applications that will have an impact on power, gas, digital and other infrastructure. The UMP is available to utilities companies and key stakeholders in the region. Contact the LEP to learn more.

Local Energy activities are focused on large and medium scale energy infrastructure projects, energy reduction programmes for homes and businesses alongside work to support the low carbon economy supply chain. Depending on the scale and type of project, leadership can reside with an individual development site, a neighbourhood, a local authority or require coordinated actions across the city region combined authority area. Where there is identified  opportunity with the potential to scale across the region the LEP works to enable projects in their early stages, encourage knowledge sharing, promote joint working and bring together partnerships for joint investment.