Community Energy

The Liverpool City Region has the natural environment and business resources to support energy projects of all kinds.

An important and growing area of opportunity is Community Energy. Community Energy projects are investment by local charities, social enterprises and community benefit societies in equipment to generate energy or reduce the use of energy.

Projects bring together active community groups with investors, land and building owners and energy experts.

Communities can benefit financially, environmentally and socially from energy projects. Projects range from the insulation of community buildings through to renewable energy systems such as roof-top solar panels.

There can be good financial returns from an investment in community energy. Depending on the way funds are invested, a regular income may come through incentive payments or from dividends linked to profits. Community Energy might also reduce the power and heating bills of any building on which a project is installed.

Businesses may wish to support Community Energy as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. By providing communities with a location to host a project, or giving volunteer time – they can increase the amount of sustainable energy produced the region, make the energy supply more local, resilient and competitive, and play a part in reducing global carbon emissions.

Community energy might become a key part of the Liverpool City Region’s low carbon future. It has the potential to address fuel poverty, provide local employment and investment and is accessible to local people across the City Region.

The LEP has produced a guide to Community Energy. It outlines the opportunities, technology choices, funding mechanisms, support bodies and local case studies.