Business Growth Programme (LCRIBS)

Posted 22nd May 2017
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Project Name: Business Growth Programme (LCRIBS)
Lead Organisation: Liverpool City Region Combined Authority
ERDF value: £2,560,228
Duration: Nov 2015 – Mar 2019
Contact: Alex Eslick

Project summary

The Business Growth Programme aims to build the capacity and confidence of SMEs in Liverpool City Region who are otherwise reluctant to engage with existing business support providers due to lack of awareness or understanding, or simply reluctance to pay for commercial provision currently available.

The project offers a dedicated business advisor, an intensive business diagnostic, a managed brokerage service to complement the Local Growth Hub and support to maximise export and trade opportunities.

It provides participating SMEs with direct advice, guidance and information that gives a clear route to growth and sustainability. Dedicated face to face interaction, coupled with a range of support, is offered to help businesses to begin their journey to growth.

The range of advice on offer covers core business functions such as finance, business planning, sales and marketing, operations and HR – individual needs are drawn out at the diagnostic stage.

Project activity is directly linked to that of the LCR Local Growth Hub and, sitting between the Enterprise Hub and New Markets 2 ERDF projects, serves as a bridge between start-up support and the more bespoke, intensive or specialist support typically provided by the private sector.


The project is led by the Combined Authority, delivered by a partnership between LCR LEP, Liverpool Vision, participating Local Authorities (Knowsley, Sefton & Halton) and Chambers of Commerce (Liverpool & Sefton, Wirral and St Helens).

Key Outputs / Results
923 Businesses supported
553 Jobs created

Beneficiary Experiences

Oil Salvage Ltd (Sefton)

"InvestSefton has helped Oil Salvage Ltd improve many aspects of our business. The funding has been utilised for four major parts of our refining facility.

"As a result of the ERDF Business Growth and UK Regional Growth Funding programmes, we have conserved energy costs, improved environmental progress, increased the workforce and safeguarded the future for our existing employees.”

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Future Electrics Ltd (Sefton)

“Invest Sefton has provided Future Electrics with invaluable advice and support through the ERDF Business Growth Programme, their wealth of knowledge coupled together with their friendly and accessible service is second to none."

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Accu-Right (Sefton)

“As a business we have a fantastic relationship with the Business Growth programme. The expertise and support they provide has been invaluable in helping our business grow and I would recommend the service to any start up or established organisation in the borough”.

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LEK Vehicle Engineering (Knowsley) 

“We are very happy with the support received. We now have an excellent business plan going forward”

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Abbey Engineering LLP (Knowsley)

“The programme has really helped us to focus on a marketing strategy for 2017. We are moving forward and hope to employ 2 new members of staff this year to make our re brand happen”

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What Next Consultancy Ltd (St Helens Chamber)

“The support I received from the Marketing Consultant has been invaluable. Having someone to bounce ideas off has helped me clarify my goals and aspirations.”

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Golden Environmental Services Ltd (St Helens Chamber)

“I am grateful to Helen and the Chamber team for guiding me through the support programme application. I have confidence that the new marketing strategy will help me to achieve the growth in a share of the workplace services industry that I am looking for”

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Livewire Software (Wirral Chamber)

“The support has really focused our minds on a plan for marketing and we are excited to push the new branded product to market. It has made us sit down and think about the business rather than just the day to day running”

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Thredit (Wirral Chamber)

“Many thanks again for all your help and for the kick we required from the Business Growth Programme to get it done! This will help our growth plans and now purchase of the machine is actually going ahead we are officially way too excited!”

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TP Media (Halton)

“The support provided has helped TP Media define a new process for growing sales leads and examine the options for converting leads into new business. Growth potential has been examined and how doing things differently could impact on ... the company.”

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MELO World Ltd (Halton)

"The support provided has helped ... MELO take a different perspective on the products …. We have analysed the strategic positioning of the company and selected a strategy [that] will result in our core offering continuing to being bespoke to customer needs but also developing a 'standard product' that can be more widely commercialised at much lower cost"

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BMI Micro (Liverpool & Sefton Chambers)

“Due to the support offered we are now able to articulate what are offer is and has improved my sales and communications with potential clients”

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McIver Scott (Liverpool & Sefton Chambers)

“The programme has been a great catalyst, provided a real focus, information, advice and guidance. Greatly needed”

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This Material Culture (Liverpool & Sefton Chambers)

“The programme has really helped focus the business and allowed me to form a plan and a strategy for moving the business forward. Having regular talks from experts has given me invaluable insight. Having specialised support specific to my business from the Mentors was incredibly useful in evaluating the business and products, focusing on areas to improve and grow the business. Because of the programme I have redesigned my packaging and put together a great wholesale catalogue. I’ve got a much better grip on the numbers of the business, calculating overheads, material and time costs which have greatly informed the decisions I have taken moving the business forward”

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