Access to Work

Posted 12th May 2017
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Key Project Information
Project Name: Access to Work
Lead Organisation: Neighbourhood Services Company
ESF value: £2,175,000
Duration: January 2016 to July 2018
Contact: Danielle Forman
Telephone: 0151 546 5514

Project summary
The Access to Work project helps disadvantaged young people aged 16-29 years old, who are not in education, employment or training. The project provides access to work experience and training and there is a combination of full time (35 hours per week) and part time (16 hours per week) placements. Placements are for 26 weeks in a range of sectors and there are a small number of 52 weeks placements available depending on individual circumstances and barriers to employment.

Participants receive a needs analysis to identify any barriers to employment they are experiencing, and they are then allocated a supervisor who provides mentoring support whilst they are on placement. The mentor also provides additional advice and guidance for progression into employment, self-employment and/or training.

The project is led by Neighbourhood Services Company and delivered in partnership with the following organisations:

  • Greenbank College
  • Local Solutions
  • Liverpool Mutual Homes
  • St. Helen’s Chamber
  • North Liverpool Regeneration Company
  • Safe Regeneration

Key Outputs / Results
The project will support 803 individuals and aims to get 70% into employment, education or training at the end of their placement.

Beneficiary Experiences

Cailen Kinney

Thanks to the support received from the Access to Work project, Cailen Kinney was able to gain experience and develop skills in community development work in order to pursue his dream of working for a charity and making a difference. Following his placement with Alt Valley Community Trust he was offered permanent employment and is now a key member of the Community Engagement team.

Phil Knibb, NSC’s Chief Executive said:
“The Access to Work Project helps to remove the individual barriers to employment that young people face and it provides both the opportunity and support needed to help young people succeed in their chosen area. The delivery partners all work together in the spirit of partnership with the shared goal of reaching into the communities across the Liverpool City Region in which we all work and this is vital to ensure the success of the project.”

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